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About BitTrader

The platform was created by a small team of traders who came together at the beginning of 2018, following the price of Bitcoin plummeting.

A lot of industry professionals were getting disheartened at what had happened, but not the Bit Trader team. They saw it as a sign of just how powerful Bitcoin was and what it could do if given the right support.

The team wanted to contribute to that support in any way they could, but they didn’t know how. They considered creating online classes teaching about Bitcoin, offering their services as trading consultants, and at one point, even discussed creating their own currency.

Eventually, the team landed on the idea of developing a Bitcoin trading platform, and the work began from there.

A Platform in the Making

All team members were fairly technologically savvy, with two of them even being professional developers. However, the kind of know-how needed to pull this off was nowhere to be found on the team. They didn’t want to outsource the work in case it didn’t suit their ideals, so the team decided to have some tech professionals on board.

It didn’t take long to get another handful of people into the team before they were off again.

The whole team worked for months on end, struggling to come up with a prototype. They couldn’t agree on what kind of features to implement, and that caused a lot of trial and error. The team realized this could hamper their progress and really put their foot on the gas.

About Us
About Us

The Platform Prototype

The platform prototype was up and ready to go in December of 2019, but the team decided to hold off on releasing it for the new decade.

That new decade rolled around, and the developers gave out the prototype to a handful of beta testers. The consensus came back very positive, and the team was excited to make the handful of necessary changes to polish things up.

Then, of course, March 2020 hit. Pretty much all of the work on the platform was halted, and it sat pretty on the shelf for a few months. This lasted until the team got bored and decided: “To hell with it. gotta push through this lockdown.”

The team set up virtual workspaces online so that each member could work in unison from home to tidy up BitTrader. The result was a development timeline that crawled along compared to when the team was back in the office, but at least it was moving. That brings things to where the platform is now, having finished polishing up the prototype. Even though the platform was released, the developers have no intention of putting their feet up anytime soon.

They are dedicated to the idea of a world liberated by Bitcoin. To achieve that end, they’re going to do all they can to allow more and more people access to trading.

The team is passionate about doing this, and they have no intention of stopping.

About Us